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Kaveh Rastegar: Recordings

Sophie B. Hawkins "The Crossing" 2012 - CD

MI0003359746.jpgAlong with my friend Tim Young, I played bass on singer songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins' latest album.  

Sophie B. Hawkins

Curtis Stigers "Let's Go Out Tonight" 2012 - CD

MI0003319414.jpgI'm proud to have played on two songs on singer Curtis Stigers' album "Let's Go Out Tonight".  I got to be there for a day when my favorite bass player David Piltch couldn't make it.  The album was produced by Larry Klein.  The rest of the band that was there the day I recorded was Jay Bellerose on drums, Larry Goldings on organ, Patrick Warren on keyboards and Dean Parks on guitar.  


Michael Lington "Pure" 2012 - CD

MI0003312965.jpgI played on a few songs on this album by saxophonist Michael Lington.  Jeff Babko was producing and playing keyboards, Victor Indrizzo played drums and Chris Bruce was on guitar.  


Ligabue "Campovolo 2.0" 2011 - 3CD


In July of 2011 I played along with "Il Groupo", Ligabue's latest band in the concert "Campovolo 2.0" in Reggio Emilia, Italy.  The concert was for a crowd of 130,000 people.  The show was filmed and made into a 3d movie.  Here is the 3 CD set also featuring the single "Ora e Allora" produced by Corrado Rustici.  

Warner Music Italy/Ligabue

Laura Pausini "Inedito" 2011 - CD


I played on the CD by Italian/Latin sueprstar Laura Pausini.  I am on the title track "Inedito" featuring Gianna Nannini and also on the track "Ognuno ha la sua Matita".  Both tracks were produced by Corrado Rustici engineered by Jason Carmer and also featured Michael Urbano on drums.

Warner Music Italy

Anthony Hamilton "Back To Love" 2011 - CD



I played double bass on this one.  Jae Deal did the arrangements.

RCA Records

Timothy Young "Gravitational Lensing" 2011 - CD



I'm very proud to have co Produced and played on this album by my good friend and favorite person Timothy Young.  The basics for this album were all recorded in a day by a trio which consisted of Tim on guitar, Me on bass and Nate Wood on drums.  We recorded at Zac Rae's studio in Burbank.  Zac engineered.  Husky Huskoulds did the mix.  


Michelle Shaprow "Purple Skies" 2011 - CD



I played on a couple songs on this album produced in part by the great Joshua Valleau.


Kelly Price "Kelly" 2011 - CD

I play double bass in the string section on this Gospel record. The album was produced by Warryn Campbell and the parts were arranged and conducted by Dontae Winslow.
Kelly Price

Colin Hay "Gathering Mercury" 2011 - CD

gathering mercury

Noemi "Rosso Noemi" 2011 - CD

Rosso Noemi
I played on this album along with drummer/buddy extraordinaire Michael Urbano. Corrado Rustici produced it and Chris Manning was the engineer. We recorded up at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. I met Noemi through Skype and she seems like a really cool down to earth person. It so much fun recording these songs. I got to use a Hofner on a couple tracks!!

Giusy Ferreri "Il Mio Universo" 2011 - CD

giusy ferreri

I played on the singles "Il Mare Immenso" and "Deja Vu" both produced by Corrado Rustici.

Cee Lo Green "The Lady Killer" 2010 - CD

Cee-Lo Green
It was my pleasure to play on bass on this album. I was a part of a couple of writing sessions that didn't make the record but might make something someday hopefully. But I played on the song "Cry Baby" on the album. Cee Lo is an amazing artist to work with. Such a talent who really understands what he wants to be doing.

Bruno Mars "Doo-Wops And Hooligans" 2010 - CD

Doo Wops
I co-wrote and played bass on the song "The Other Side". It's the 10th track from Bruno Mars' debut CD. The track also features Cee Lo Green and B.o.B.

Bruno Mars "It's Better If You Don't Understand" 2010 - EP

I played bass and co-wrote the track "The Other Side" from Bruno's debut EP. The track also features Cee Lo Green and B.o.B.

Luciano Ligabue "Arrivederci Mostro - Tutte le Face Del Mostro" 2010 - CD/DVD

Arrivederci This is a great package of the Arrivederci Mostro album along with a live DVD of the band playing all 12 songs in different stadiums as well as a CD with Luciano playing all 12 songs acoustically.

Kneebody "You Can Have Your Moment" 2010 - CD


Recorded in the spring of 2009 at Steve Wood's Laguna Beach studio, this album I believe captures the ferocity, gravity and beauty of our band Kneebody. I love this album so much.
Winter and Winter

Ligabue "Arrivederci Mostro" 2010 - CD


I am so proud to have been a part of this amazing album by Luciano Ligabue. It was recorded in January of 2010 in Corregio, Italy. Corrado Rustici was the producer. Chris Manning recorded and mixed. Such a pleasure. One of the best albums I've ever been a part of.

Colin Hay "Live At The Corner" 2010 - DVD

Romeus "Romeus" 2010 - CD

I am happy to have played on this album along with Michael Urbano on drums for a new young Italian artist named Romeus. He is a great and talented songwriter. The great Corrado Rustici produced the album.
Sugar Music

Kira Fontana "Seek The Light" 2010 - CD

Enrico Nigiotti "Enrico Nigiotti" 2010 - CD

Enrico Nigiotti
It was fun tracking this album up in Oakland for producer Corrado Rustici along with Michael Urbano on drums and Dacid Fraser engineerinig.
Warner Music

Proud Mary "Ocean Park" 2010 - CD


I played bass on the tracks "Ira" and "Feather". These Manchester boys make great rock and roll. Super fun playing and recording with them. 

Pam Shaffer "As We Are" 2010 - CD

Jesca Hoop "Hunting My Dress" 2009 - CD

hunting my dress
I'm excited to tell you that the album "Hunting My Dress" by the artist Jesca Hoop is out. The album was produced by Tony Berg and featured some great musicians like the great guitarist Blake Mills (Band of Horses), keyboardist Patrick Warren and bass player Joe Karnes. I played upright and electric bass on the album as well. It's available through itunes, amazon, some stores and through her website
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