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Kaveh Rastegar: News

Mark Harmon in Summer School - July 2, 2007

Hey friends o mine. It is burning up in Los Angeles right now and I
don't just mean the music scene. Just kidding. I wanted to tell you
all about a show I have coming up this Thursday as well as some other

Thursday July 5th @8:30
Kaveh Rastegar trio featuring Timothy Young on guitar and Scott
Seiver on drums at New Music Thursday.

Il Moro
11400 Olympic Blvd. (entrance and valet parking on Purdue Ave.) West
Los Angeles, California 90064
Please come out. This show is free and should be a lot of fun. The
food at Il Moro there is quite good and as the owner Elio always
says: "it is a special place".

In other news, I just returned from a week long tour with the afro
beat band Antibalas ( We played jazz festivals in
Saskatoon, Winnepeg, Toronto and Montreal. I was born in Montreal but
havn't been very many other places in Canada. What a wide country.
It has some girth. Our drive from Winnepeg to Toronto was close to
forty hours. Antibalas is so good. They're based in New York and
have been touring and recording for about a decade now. It was a lot
of fun to sit in and experience their friendship and hospitality for a
week. This Saturday I'll be leaving along with Kneebody
( for Munich. We have four concerts planned
there through the Munich Opera. Two of which will be collaborations.
One will be a concert with vocalist Theo Bleckmann playing
arrangements of Charles Ives songs. Another show will be with the
quartet So Percussion playing original music along with an
arrangement of Louis Andreissen's piece "Worker's Union". During our
trip to Munich, we'll travel to Rotterdam to play at the North Sea
Jazz Festival. Then later in the month, we'll be back in the states
playing shows in Northern California including a concert at the
Stanford Jazz Workshop. After that, I'll be joining Colin Hay
( and band for a tour in the States supporting his
new album "Are You Looking at Me?" His album sounds so good and with
Charlie Paxson ( back in town the shows are
going to be a lot of fun.

I hope the summer is going well for everyone.


pauper's grave - June 13, 2007

So I've been listening to my ipod and have been looking for versions of songs. I was looking for different versions of Stella By Starlight. I heard the version done by Charlie Parker from "Charlie Parker With Strings" album. Then there is a version by Chet Baker that is uptempo in the key of G. Also there is a Joe Henderson version from the trio record he did with Ron Carter and Joe Chambers. I stopped and listened to a version played by Phineus Newborn Jr. on the "Harlem Blues" album. Phineus was from Memphis and played with Mingus. He grew up playing in blues and rnb bands with his father and brother. This starts with a big introduction followed by the melody in the same style. So dramatic and upifting too. Then the rhythm section of Ray Brown and Elvin Jones comes in. The tempo is so slow and deliberate and the band plays really loud in a half time feel. Phineus takes a long solo in octaves and it sounds bigger than any bad plus album i've heard. I love it. After a few choruses, the band fades out and Phineus finishes the tune in the same way he started it. So now I'm listening to the whole album and reading about Mr. Newborn. His story, the way it is told is very sad. He died very poor at the age of 57.. Among the other articles I read, I checked this one out about people helping to care for musicians who have fell on hard times. Here it is:,hentoff,27424,6.html.

Here's footage of Phineus playing "Lush Life":

And of him playing "Oleo":

myspace rambling.... - May 10, 2007

Almost every band I play in right now is somehow represented on Thruster recently recieved an email and I answered it with the spewage you'll read below (the original question follows my rambling response)!

Really? A reason. ok. Well, we're a band that has chosen to be a part of this myspace experience. Through myspace we have been able to network with other musicians and catch up with old friends.
In the process we have also been able to meet new friends. Bands don't always take the term "friend" literally. If they did, Jimi Hendrix would have been too busy going to thousands of weddings or being a "friend" to every other person in the city of San Francisco by helping them move into new appartments. He would have had no time to play music. Musicians have to constantly meet new people, expose them to their music and hope that "friends" come to see them perform. In turn and in gratitude, concert goers (most of them complete strangers to the musicians and each other) are addressed in an overly familiar fashion. When Robert Plant asks an audience "Do you still remember laughter?", I don't think that he is expecting the audience's answer. When David St Hubbins yells "Hello" to Clevland and addresses the crowd in a friendly manner, he can't hope to begin a conversation with the city. On our site you may see that we have over three thousand "friends". I really doubt that I personally know even a quarter of them. But that is the point. We hope that strangers might hear our music and identify with it somehow. Each person either found their way to our site through word of mouth or by a request (friend request) from us. We might have seen something on their profile that would have made us think "they might like the music were making". And it is in turn, up to them whether or not they would want to accept or deny our request. Hopefully they would have taken some time to listen to a song or two or read about what we are doing to help aid in their decision. Though it is totally understandable that time is precious! I imagine that you were approached by one of us (though I don't think it was me) because of the music that you enjoy. We know some of the musicians you listed in your profile personally so we proabably thought that you might enjoy our music as well. "If you like secret chiefs and john zorn then maybe you'll like us" was probably the mindset at the time. Clearly you need to know if we "know" you personally. In answer to your question: i think that we do not know each other. I'm not completely sure though...6 degrees of kevin bacon! Your reason for accepting us as a friend is entirely up to you. If you choose to become a friend of ours, it most likely means that your profile or the box with your picture on it will end up next to over three thousand other picture boxes...and you might find out if we release another album or if we're playing anywhere. It also means that we are able to post comments on each other's sites. And if you deny our request I'm sure that we'll all pull through! I hope that this helps you somehow in making your decision!

yours truely,


----------------- Original Message -----------------

Date: 10 May 2007, 08:28 PM

I've gotta know this- Why are you applying to be my *friend*? Do I know you?
Seriously, I do need some reason.

In memory - April 12, 2007

It's late on wednesday. I should be sleeping. I have been wanting to write about this for a week or so. About a week and a half ago I learned that Tony Scott passed. I was shocked and and saddened to learn of his passing. In the extremely short time I was around him I got a taste of his immense spirit and contagious joy for life and music. The sessions for the album we recorded last year only lasted a few days. I wished I knew him better and I am glad that I met him at all.

THRUSTER! - April 10, 2007

Hey there everyone. There are two shows this week with a band I am in
called THRUSTER! THRUSTER! (with obligatory exclamation point) is a
power trio that plays blistering, mindmelting but enchanting music
for neanderthals to drag their knuckles and clubs to. THRUSTER! was
formed around a recording session in the misty terrain of Seattle a
few years ago with Timothy Young (guitar), Matt Chamberlain (drums)
and myself. Since then we have played a handful of shows, recorded a
live album and a studio album. Matt is going to be in town this week
from Seattle and it was imperative that we create a couple of shows
around the trip. In strategic planning, one of our shows is on the
east side, and one is on the west! Our new album "Green Heat" will
also be available this week!


Thursday April 12th, 10pm
Venue: Silverlake Lounge
Address: 2906 Sunset Blvd. (Sunset and Parkman)
Los Angeles, CA

w/Xu Xu Fang

Friday April 13th, 10pm (doors open at 9pm)
Venue: Nova Blue
Address: 11928 Jefferson Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230

w/ Beverage, featuring Dave Palmer and Branden Harper

Journey From the Fall - April 8, 2007

The film Journey From the Fall is out now in theatres( I played on the orchestral soundtrack written by Christopher Wong. It is a story from the perspective of the Vietnamese people after the U.S. troops left Vietnam.

happy new year - March 20, 2007

Today is Norouz, the Persian New Year. It's a pretty big holiday and I get to sit on a plane!!!!

new news - March 12, 2007

I just returned from a tour with the Ditty Bops and Jesca Hoop. We played some shows out in the midwest. There are some great photos by fans on the Ditty Bops website
( Also, check out Jesca's music ( if you get the chance. Travelling with us for this tour was a great Chicago photographer Paul Natkin. Check out his website ( He has been touring and photographing musicians for over thirty years and has lots of great photos and stories as well. The Bops were on an anti plastic campaign for this tour. The last night in Madison was a plastic blowout with me wearing nothing but a plastic sack for most of the set. At the end of the night the thing was very sweaty and gross. I felt like deli meat. Before that I was out with Kneebody. We played some great shows in Denver and another one in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Unfortunately I was suffering through an incredible fever and had to sit that show out! In a couple of days we'll be in Austin for South By Southwest. We'll be playing a one oclock set! Then I'll be in San Fran again with the Bops and Jesca. I'll be borrowing Lisa Mezzacappa's bass for that one. The fingerboard of my bass seems to have popped off during a flight after the last tour and needs to be repaired. Kneebody will be out on the east coast next week.

Cold - February 5, 2007

Hi, I just got back yesterday from a tour with Melissa Ferrick ( We drove through the frigid midwest and played some really fun shows. Her drummer is my good friend Daren Hahn. We were able to catch up, hang out and play a lot of rummy. Also out with us on the road was Bitch (capital B) who was fun to play duos with on stage. Before that I was in New york with Kneebody. We had a few really good shows at the Knitting Factory at the Winter Jazz fest as well as another one at Tonic. Again, freezing cold. But that's how it should be I guess. Been listening to the Jlib album a lot. So good. Coming up is a show with singer Jesca Hoop and a couple of shows in Florida with Colin Hay and the Jacksonville Symphony.

Here's some footage of one of the shows we played with Melissa. It was in Cleveland at the Grog Shop. That's Daren Hahn on drums, Bitch on the fiddle, me playing bass and Melissa singing and playing guitar:

like - January 13, 2007

like beck like macy gray like elliot smith like radiohead like norah jones like sade like seal like dido (shadildo) like the strokes like joy division like the flaming lips like the beatles like johnny cash like the killers like the shins

shows and recordings and things - January 11, 2007

Ang and I had fun being snowed in in Denver for the holidays. For those of you in LA, this is late
notice as usual for a really cool show that is happening tonight.
I'll be playing with Thruster for a show at the Smell in downtown LA.
Thruster is the trio with Timothy Young , Matt Chamberlain and I.
For tonight's show we'll have Nate Wood subbing on drums for Matt who
is taking a well deserved vacation at the moment! We have a new
myspace page at We''ll be playing on a
cool bill curated by my friend Ches Smith.

January, 11 2007 9pm at The Smell (

247 S. Main St, Los Angeles, California

The musicians featured are: Plethora Yearned (Nels Cline, Woody
Alpanap, Jeremy Drake and Ches Smith), Mary Halvorson And Jessica
Pavone (NYC), Thruster (Seattle/Los Angeles), David Scott Stone
(contributor to The Melvins and ex-member of Slug and Get Hustle)

In other news, I just played a great show with the Ditty Bops at
McCabe's. They have some really great new songs ("Summer Rains" is
one of my favorites!). I'll also be playing later next week with
Joshua Radin. I am getting ready to go to New York next week with
Kneebody. We'll be out there for a performing arts prestenters
conference and will have a show at Tonic on the 23rd. After that
I'll be joining my friend Daren Hahn for a tour with Melissa Ferrick
throughout the midwest.

-Kneebody has a new album called "Low Electrical Worker" due out soon
on our new label -Colin Hay has a new album that will be out in April through
-Chewy Puma's new album is being mixed and will be available soon (
-An album by singer songwriter John Rogers should be out soon. It was produced by Scott Seiver and featured Scott, Josh Lopez, Mark Noseworthy and I.
-Nate and I played on Raya Yarbrough's album that should be out later
this Spring. Produced by Steve Bartek, it will be out on Telarc
-Clarinetist Tony Scott's album featuring Ben, Shane, Nate, Adam and I should be out soon on Kind of Blue Records (

Hope everyone is well!


a flat g flat and c - January 9, 2007

I've been listening to a Yusef Lateef album that I have had but never listened to. It's called A flat, G flat and c. I haven't checked him out that much to be honest. My friend Geoff Cleveland was a big fan of his. You think that the album is going to sound a certain way when you hear the first song, a pretty soul blues sounding thing. Then the songs get progressively stranger but are still bluesy. Yusef plays a lot of instruments in addition to the sax. Reggie Workman plays bass. He sounds so good.

2007 - January 5, 2007

Hey everyone it's the future.

Been too long - November 29, 2006

Things have been busy. Scott and Bryony were married a couple of weeks ago. That was one of the nicest and most heartfelt ceremonies I've been to. I have been recording a fair amount lately. Scott, Josh, Mark Noseworthy and I finished tracking an album this weekend for singer songwriter named John Rogers. Scott is producing the album and I think that the songs we recorded should sound really good. Chewy Puma is going to have our album mixed in the near future by a good friend and great engineer musician Dana Nielson. I have been recording music with Mike Andrews and the actor John C. Reilley for a new film. Very funny songs. Also in the studio the other day doing orchestral stuff for a kung fu movie. Man, what else? Kneebody finally released our live cd last month. I think that it sounds great. Check it out on our new label we're working with ( Josh and I played with a new artist the other day named Diana Rouvas. She is a real sweet person and is very talented and dedicated. It was a pleasure. Check her out at The rest of this year I'll be recording more movie stuff with Mike, doing a record with Nate for the singer Raya Yarborough, as well as some shows around LA and San Francisco with Kneebody and Colin Hay.

Trust Fall - August 11, 2006

In the music section of the site you can hear a new song I recorded about a month ago with Ben Wendel. We recorded it in the middle of the night with our friend Masa Tsuzuki in Hollywood. I had just come from a gig in the Hollywood Hills with Keaton. I was tired and sneezing because we were next to a horse corral. The song turned out well I think.

Kneebody, Jurassic 5, rambling sentences! - August 4, 2006

This month I have been busy teaching at the Academy of Creative Education ( That has been a mix of lessons with some great young bass players, rehearsals with the large ensemble, and rehearsing the rock band made up of some of the younger students. It has been a lot of fun. In addition to that I have been on the road with Colin Hay, been playing a couple of shows with new Columbia artist Joshua Radin as well as a show with Keaton in San Francisco and a great show at California Plaza with Dakah. Kneebody just finished a week of activity. We played in Phoenix at modified arts. A really good crowd showed up to hang out in the August heat. We have been working on our album as well, overdubbing keyboards and distorted melodica. Last night we played at the Hammer Museum in west LA. I thought that it was a really good night. Thanks to everyone who came out. Man, I had a show about a month ago. Ches Smith, Ben Wendel and Robby Marshall played. It was fun and challenging for me. I just heard that a song I played on made it on the latest Jurassic 5 cd "Feeback". The plan for the next month or so is to work on the Kneebody album, finish the Chewy Puma recording (slowly but certainly), some shows and recording with Colin Hay as well as a week out east with the Ditty Bops.

Rummy, Colin Hay, Chewy Puma - May 28, 2006

Hello. Just got back from Denver after playing a show with Keaton Simons. Michael Jerome played drums. Was able to learn how to play Rummy from my mother (Mummy). Back in LA, I've been recording songs for Colin Hay's ( new album along with my friend Charlie Paxson on drums. The songs are sounding great. It's been a lot of fun. This week I'll be working on the Chewy Puma album and rehearsing songs for a show next Saturday with Nels Cline. We'll be playing Neil Young music. It should be a lot of fun. I'm also working on new music for a show I have coming up on the 23rd at Metropol.

Anna Dagmar - May 16, 2006

I also wanted to mention that Anna Dagmar's EP is out. Anna is a great friend and songwriter who is currently working with producer/musician Ben Wittman. We recorded the EP in New Jersey last fall and will hopefully do some more later this summer. You can check a song out in the music section of the site or you can go to her myspace site which is

Rosey album - May 16, 2006

Just Recently an album I played on by the singer Rosey (Nancy Joy Kaye) called "The Old Fashioned Way" was released. It was an album that I played on along with the Kneebody people and some other great musicians. I think that it sounds really great. Rosey produced it herself. Hats off. I put a couple of lo-fi sounding clips in the music section of the site. If you want to purchase the album go to Rosey's site which is

come to on the rox on may 10th to see "R", The Youngs and Chewy Puma! - April 20, 2006

After getting back from the road with the Ditty Bops, I joined Kneebody in Denver for a couple of great shows at Dazzle. Then we flew back to LA to play at Metropol and finish recording newmusic we've been working on. I think that you'll like it.
The following week I played a week of shows starting at LArgo with Colin Hay. Colin is a great singer that Keaton, Nate and I got to see about a year ago. We split a bill with him in Santa Barbara and were blown away by his singing, playing, songwriting and the intimacy he creates in a performance. It was definitely a crash course playing with him last week and having to learn all that music so quickly. We also played some double bills with Thomas Dolby which was really cool. One of the most amazing things about last week I'd have to say was after a show we played last week,meeting Paul McCartney. That person is amazing. I was honestly toungue tied stading in front of him. It was quite an honor. After getting back from the week of shows with Colin, I went to Scott's house in LA to start working on vocals for the Chewy Puma record. There were many moments of uncontrollable laughter and brilliance. Now I'm in Washington DC with the Ditty Bops and am about to start a mini tour with Nickel Creek. After I get back we have a big show planned at On the Rox with the Ditty Bops arch nemesis "R", The Youngs and Chewy Puma.

hi - March 9, 2006

It's Thursday morning. Good coffee. The last month has been really busy and cool. I played with The Ditty Bops at the Getty Center along with a troupe of tap dancing seniors. Eric Biondo was in town and Nate, Josh, Ben and I joined him at the Roxy playing his music. You definitely have to hear Eric's music ( I recorded a song with dj Numark for the upcoming Jurrasic 5 album. Chewy Puma recorded at Nate's house. We had 6 hours to record and we pounded out 9 songs for a new album. Kneebody just got back from a two week tour that started in NYC and went through Italy. Our first performance was at Tonic with John Hollenbeck's band The Claudia Quintet. We had just seen John play a few weeks earlier in LA with Theo Bleckman. I was able to buy the Quintet's new album there and get to know the music before I saw them. That band sounds really good. Everyone is pretty accomplished in their own right and it's amazing to hear them play John's music as a band. (Drew Gress!!!!) They are a band with an instantly recognizable sound. We flew to Italy after that and started in Milan. From the train station we went straight to Maxine studios to record an album with Tony Scott. I just finished checking out his website ( He played with everyone in New York in the 50's. It was really special to be around someone with that much perspective and that much excitement for life. He is 85 and has a very enegetic spirit. The sessions lasted a day and a half of intense recording and eating. After we finished it was easy to forget that we were about to start our own tour with our band. Our first show in Italy was in Milan at a place called Gheroarte. This is an old train terminal on the east side of the city that a couple named Stephania and Marco converted into a beautiful performance space. I'll never forget the feeling that I had during the first couple minutes of playing there. I was so excited and happy to be in this beautiful place playing our music for people who had never heard us. After we were done I had a great conversation with Giancarlo our translator. He talked about the present political situation in Italy. I think that I learned something about Italy's president Berlusconi who's smiling face seemed to be posted on every street corner and train station. Giancarlo also said something cool about the way that he thinks that it is easy to identify a band's sound based on the climate where they are from. He compared the sound of Lou Reed and Crosby Stills Nash and Young and by their music could tell the amount of heat or lack of heat both bands experienced in their daily lives. He said that he could tell that most of us live in Southern California and that we have a very solar sound. The next day we took a train to Ancona on the east coast of the country where we met the promoter Battista and his assistant Massimo who took us to our next show in Porto San Elpidio. It was nice riding in the car with Massimo and finding out about his life. In addition to working with Battista with concert producing he is a geologist. His girlfriend restores ancient paintings and frescos. Our show in that town was great. We had a day off the next day in Civitanova. It was a Sunday during Lent. It was such a beautiful sunny day. Nice to see the green Adriatic sea and little kids dressed up in costumes for the carnival later in the day. We took an eight hour train ride the next day north to Bolzano. Bolzano is close to Austria. It is a very Germanic looking city. After Bolzano we travelled south again to Avezzano which is located in the mountains a couple of hours outside of Rome. The people who helped us out in Avezzano were all musicians who all had all been playing with each other all their lives. It was cool to enter into that kind of chemistry and see people interact with each other like siblings. In addition to being musicians, they also had very developed and succesfull careers. Walter, a very sharp and dapper gentleman who plays the drums, is also the main civil engineer for the region. And Virgilio the bass player who insists that I adjust the truss rod on my jazz bass, apparantly works for the equvilant of Italy's NASA! The next day we took a train to Rome. We got in early so Adam, Ben, Nate and I went into the city to see the Colluseum and the ruins. If I've ever seen a place that is haunted, it's that place. Adam has some great photos of that beautiful day.

Back in LA Josh and I just finished recording an album with Celeste Prince ( She has some great new songs. Vinnie Colaiuta played drums. I now know why he has the legendary status that he does. He's a very exciting person to be around. Very incredible musician. We pounded through seven songs. We recorded at bass player Arthur Barrow's studio in Venice. It was so cool to be around the two dudes who were the rhythm section for Zappa's band.

Plans now are to finish the Puma recording. Go out on the road again with the Ditty Bops (opening for Nickel Creek again). Kneebody has some shows in Colorado and will be finishing our album soon.

sup dog? - January 16, 2006

Hi. Nate and I just finished tracking for Rosey's new album ( or I think that the record is going to sound really good. Along with Nate and I were Adam Benjamin, John Chin, Josh Lopez, John Bigham and Evan Slamka. Last week Josh Scott and I played in a really cool band with guitarist Bron Tieman aka Crooked Cowboy ( at the Echo in Echo Park. That band was pretty ferocious. Playing along with us were Bron, Keefus, Lisa (a great singer who recently relocated to France), and Neil (Bron's cello playing roomate). The music sounded so good; very Morricone meets the Melvins. I hope that band gets to record soon.
I'll be playing later this month at the Folk Music Center in Clairmont with The Ditty Bops. Also coming up are a couple of shows at On the Rox. One is next Saturday with Chewy Puma. The next one is with Kneebody and The Youngs from Seattle. Also, on January 31st, Keaton, Nate and I are going to be on TV on CBS with Late Night With Craig Ferguson.

Academy of Creative Education - January 8, 2006

Hi there. This week I just finished initial work on illustrations for The Academy of Creative Education website ( I was recently hired by my friend Brian Landers ( to illustrate for the academy. It has been so much fun and a really cool set of challenges. Check out the Academy as well. It's a cool place to study out here in LA during the summer. I may be teaching there this summer!

merry christmas and a happy new year - December 25, 2005

HEADLINE: It's Christmas and it's raining in New York. It's upstate and the deer are everywhere.

2005 was great. The last couple of months have been crazy. I was on tour with ye olde Ditty Bops along side Nickel Creek. That was so much fun. I got to play a lot. I learned much from our fellow traveller/navigator/clown and was able to co write a handfull of sea shantys.
After that, Scott Seiver and I worked on some new music for a show that we had at On the Rox. That was so much fun. It was originally supposed to be a Puma show but Josh had to be out of town, so we did that one as a duo. A lot of fun to play guitar/sing. Kneebody just finished a three week tour. We played Philadelphia, New York, Brooklyn, Rock Island, Chicago, Denver and LA. There are a lot of people to thank. Specifically: Derek Banach, Ralph Alessi, Phil in Rock Island, Ron Miles, My Mom, Shane's Mom and Dad....Shari Mohabir, Daren Hahn.... The last week of the tour was in LA. Very busy. In addition to a handfull of shows and workshops, we also did a showcase for Rosey, an artist whose album we're going to record in January. I had a last minute session that came up at Capitol, and Nate and I played along with Keaton Simons on the Craig Ferguson show. Towards the end of the week, we collaborated with Busdriver and Abstract Rude at the Temple Bar. I'm looking forward to more stuff like that in the future. The very last thing we did was a recording session over at Nate's house. It looks like we now have five more songs in the can towards the next album.
Next month is going to be spent recording with Rosey. I'll also be playing a show at the Echo with Bron Tieman (aka Crooked Cowboy). That should be a lot of fun. Keaton is playing in January, so is Kneebody and Chewy Puma. I might even be in Seattle for a THRUSTER show.

Tuba - October 17, 2005

Hi from on the road. I'm out on tour with The Ditty Bops right now. We're touring with Nickel Creek and it's been amazing. They are just a damn good band. Last night after we played our last show in Nashville Chris and Sara were outside on the sidewalk playing for about fifty kids who were hanging on every note. Our shows have been a lot of fun. The music is sounding great and on this tour were joined by Greg Rutledge ( on piano. We're also joined by a clown named Tuba who's been performing,juggling, stilt walking, unicycling, and performing magic tricks with us.
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