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Do people do this anymore? - June 26, 2008

Fergie, Beyonce, Ashlee Simpson, Clay Aiken, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Akon, Soljah Boy, Jay Z, Mariah Cary....This was from a show filmed in 1969. These were two popular artists. The United States had been at war for four or five years. What has changed? Was America smarter then? Is it really this impossible to see relevant, amazing and unique artists on television performing and completely owning a song? I think that these clips are beautiful and sad at the same time!!

Fat City - June 23, 2008

I remember when Siskel and Ebert dedicated an episode of one of their shows to films of the seventies. At one point during the show, Siskel said that the 1970's were the last great era of film. Among others, his reasons were that back then, studios were dedicating budgets to film makers to tell any kind of story they wanted to pursue. That is why you had really interesting and strange stories with big name actors being shot beautifully. My Dad and I watched Fat City tonight. From the opening scene with the location dissolves of Stockton (below) I said that I already love this movie. Stacy Keach and a young Jeff Bridges are in this film. My Dad said that the director John Huston was a boxer at one point and at different stages of his life, he had all sorts of strange odd jobs. Its a film about two boxers at very different points of their lives. This is a really great movie with a story that could have been written by Bukowski.

Faun Fables/Hour Of The Shipwreck - June 15, 2008

Nate and I were asked to play drums and bass for the band Hour Of The Shipwreck ( last night. This is a band that plays music written by Richie Kohan. Marcel Camargo played as well as Alex (last name soon to be learned...!) on keyboards and Richie playing electric 12 string and singing. Really pretty chords and patient and brooding music. Loud picked bass... It was a lot of fun for me to channel my inner Chris Squire.We played at the Knitting Factory here in Los Angeles. We were opening for the band Faun Fables. I was excited to see them because I had heard them before. Abby and Amanda from the Ditty Bops showed me one of their albums on tour. I really loved how it sounded as well as the voice of the singer Dawn Macarthy. Beautiful pagan punk hobbit music! Anyhow, I ended up buying one of their CDs called the "Transit Rider" which I soon lost. So it was cool to be able to get something else of theirs and get to see them perform last night. Despite the sound being pretty rough with mics feeding back and acoustic instruments not being miced well enough, their music was really cool to hear and I liked their performance a lot.Here is a cool video for one of their songs:

Pretty Things - June 14, 2008

Amanda Barrett's old buddy Michael Lucid has a comedy show called "Pretty Things". Amanda has collaborated with him a lot as well as some other folks. I haven't checked in to see what he's been up to in a while but these are some of my favorites:

"Always A Bad Girl"

"Straight For a Minute"

And now my all time favorite clips, "Getting To Know You" - Baby Goo Goo Parts 1 and 2:

The best ever - June 14, 2008

You all may have seen this but I really want to put it up here again because it is amazing and worth the time to watch.

Kneebody Clips - June 10, 2008

Here's footage from a show that Kneebody played in New York a couple months back. It was the 55 Bar. So much fun.

"No Thank You Mr. West":

"Blue Yellow White":

The Savages - June 6, 2008

I just watched a great movie last night called The Savages. This came out last year. I liked it so much. It had Laura Linney and Phillip Hoffman in it. It's a movie that deals with two siblings who are coping with the last days of their asshole father. The brother and sister are obviously scarred by their upbringing. But they still manage to go on with life anyway. What I like the most about the movie was the amazing attention to detail. Basic human interactions and awkward subtle mannerisms and movements were captured. There are genuine funny and embarrassing moments. Passive aggressive interactions between the brother and sister aren't over emphasized but they're very obvious. It's a movie that sums up the culture we live in very well. It's subtle. It's so honest and right on that it will be a time capsule movie that is kind of a snapshot of the world we live in.

Watch The Ditty Bops on KCRW! - June 5, 2008

Yeserday, I played with Abby and Amanda on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic program. And you can watch it here:

Arik Marshall and the Green Machine - June 3, 2008

Oh Shit, I totally forgot about the gig I did last year with Arik Marshall and The Green Machine ( Arik is the man. I was a fan of his from the time I met him back in the day when he was in the Chili Peppers. He is one of the greatest to play with and to hang out with too. This was a band that he put together playing the music of Al Green. It was so much fun learning those songs and getting to play with this awesome band. I hope we play again! Arik played guitar, Marc Cross sang and played keys, Jeremy Ruzumna played keys, Marina Bambina played percussion, Dawn Beckman sang,, Kerim Imes played drums....And watch as the camera pans to the bass player...wait for it...wait for it...

Antibalas - June 3, 2008

Last June (2007) I played with the band Antibalas Afro Beat Orchestra ( for about a week of shows through Canada. I was filling in for their bass player Nick who was filling in for another bass player in TV On the Radio! Anyway, a couple of people in the band are really good friends of mine. Namely the drummer Chris Vatalaro and one of trumpet players, Eric Biondo. The three of us were roommates in college. Unfortunately, Eric wasn't this tour but it was so much fun to get to hang with Chris. He's one of my favorite musicians of all time! He's living in London now so it was really nice to get some time to hang with him and play and catch up. The rest of the band were so nice to hang with too. They're all really funny dudes. It was a cool group to jump in with for a week and marvel at the history they all have between them and also try to decipher their inside jokes and language. I found this footage on line from one of the shows we played in Winnepeg. Enjoy:

Ligabue in Milano - June 2, 2008

This is footage from a TV show Ligabue and band recorded a while back called Che Tempo Che Fa? We're playing "Niente Paura" and "Happy Hour". A lot of fun!!

Colin Hay in Brazil - June 2, 2008

Old news. The Colin Hay band went to Brazil in December. It was a good trip and crazy as well. We had just been to Australia and that much traveling can be a bit much at times. I took a lot of pictures on the trip. the whole thing was a testament to everyone's endurance and stamina. From the first gig (we went on at around 1:30 am following a 3 and a half hour drive through a rainy/sketchy jungle road following a 2 hour flight from Rio, following a 6 hour flight from Miami, following a 6 hour flight from LA...) we were kind of out of it and crazy... I and everyone else on the trip have strange stories from the tour. This was a clip from our show in Fortaleza. It was at the end of the tour. It was in a large hall. The hall was divided exactly in half in the MIDDLE of the stage extending out to the crowd. In front of me, where I was, was a collection of tables and chairs where people sat and enjoyed drinks and each other's company in comfort. They were all dressed to impress as well! In front of Simon (guitar) was where most of the people were packed together like close. I definitely understand the concept of cheap seats, but this was over the top. To see the band, both sides were fine and were just as close to the band as the other. It's just the way that the more expensive seats were directly next to everyone else who all looked so uncomfortable. It really was a metaphor for my impression of what the country looked like: the few wealthy priveleged folks enjoying life but DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THEM are hordes of super poor folks building shacks on the sides of freeway over passes and scrambling and hustling to live day to day. Like most places, the middle class there is really suffering and the gap between the rich and poor is growing. Anyhow, this video (poor in quality blah blah blah) is from one of those packed together and sounds like they're having a great time. I remember that we played this song for the first time that night . I think that I learned it during the sound check.

Chewy Puma - June 2, 2008

The Puma is elusive and it is rare. We finished an album that I just heard over at Scott's house a few days ago. Man, turning up the sounds really great I think. The kind of great that I hope you feel listening to Plastic Surgery Disasters by the Dead Kennedys or the first Suicidal Tendencies album. While I'm thinking about it, I'm going to put some clips that our good friend Masa Tsusuki took of us at the Silverlake Lounge last year. The audio is a little offset from the video but you get the idea. I like the sound quality. I would release it like that. Matter of fact, I just downloaded "The Crew" by 7 Seconds this morning. There are a couple of live tracks that were'nt on the original vinyl and I think that this sound quality is on par with that!! Experience the Puma:

The Ditty Bops - June 2, 2008

Here's some good footage of me with The Ditty Bops (with Greg Rutledge and John Lambdin) a little over a year ago. I think that we were in Minneapolis.

Playing "Summer Rains" (Abby says this is a song from the perspective of someone who is excited about global warming):

And here we are along with Jesca Hoop playing "Skinny Bones":


Hey Family and Friends o mine,

Things have been good and busy lately. The first thing that I want to let you know about is this great ALL AGES show that Kneebody has coming up this week in Santa Monica. We'll be playing a triple bill with Nels Cline and Wayne Krantz (featuring Tal Wilkenfeld and Cliff Almond). The night will be like a mini festival. Nels is going to start the night with a solo guitar set. If you havn't seen him do this before, I recommend it. I had the experience when I was on tour with Nels and Carla Bozulich a while back of being able to hear him open each night playing solo. It was always new and different and really exciting. Kneebody will play after him. And we will deliver!!! After us Wayne is gonna play. We played a double bill with him a couple months ago in New York. That was such a fun night. He and his trio rocked so hard. It will be a great opportunity to hear this great musician who is usually based on the east coast, play out here.


@ The Temple Bar

Wednesday, May 21st (doors open at 8pm)
1026 Wilshire Blvd
Santa Monica, CA
presale available at or 310.393.6611

Other news:

-Check out my performance page ( for stuff coming up.

-Kneebody has finished recording a new album with Theo Bleckmann playing arrangements of Charles Ives songs. It will be available on Winter and Winter. We'll also be recording our new studio album very soon.

-I've been playing for the last couple of months with a great Italian artist named Luciano Ligabue ( It has been so much fun. The music is so much fun to play and everyone is a blast to hang out with. We'll be playing a lot this summer.

-The Ditty Bops ( have a show coming up in a couple weeks week or so at McCabe's. We'll also play on the Morning Becomes Eclectic.

-Colin Hay is finishing a live DVD that I performed on last winter in Australia. I've heard some mixes and it sounds so good!

-Chewy Puma ( just finished out first album. It will be available soon.

Take care!! See you all soon I hope.


Tribalistas - May 19, 2008

Every year there are albums that define the chapters of my life. I guess that was kind of a cheesy sentence... It's not rocket science. Everyone has music in their lives that will always be linked to memories and will bring specific feelings every time they hear it. When I went to Brasil a few years ago, everyone working with the band I was with down there, the Brazilians, were telling me about music they were excited about. I came back from that trip with about thirty cds. Tons of Caetano Veloso, Milton Nasciemento, Jaques Morlenbaum, Tim Maya, Ed Motta, Tom Ze, Gal Costa, and samba school cds... Another album that had just come out out there that everyone was telling me about was Tribalistas. This was a super collaboration album with Marisa Monte, Carlinhos Brown, and Arnaldo Antunes. These are all singers the Brazilians love. Big artists. I remember first hearing Carlinhos Brown years and years ago. I first heard him on that great album Bill Laswell produced for the Axiom label called Ritual Beating System. At the time, he was the young Brazilian Salvador answer to all the hip hop music I liked at the time. Artists like De La Soul and Tribe Called Quest... Marisa Monte is someone that everyone down there loves. Whenever you mention her name people sigh and shake their head. She's that good. Arnaldo Atunes is someone that I knew the least about. Everyone was talking about that album. I didn't get a chance to pick it up on that trip and it wasn't until last December that I got back there again and bought it. It's one f those albums that gets you right away with the way it's recorded. The sound of those three voices together! Why does it sound so good? One of the reasons if that they are singing an octave apart!!! So cool. Atunes sings the low parts. His voice is so low and the tone is so thick that it sounds like a solid thing. It's just beauty and it really grows on you the more you hear it. The song O Amor e Feio just popped up on Itunes and I remember driving with Ang to Arizona or driving with the The Ditty Bops and Jesca Hoop from San Francisco. Definitely pick this up!

And here they are:

Il Centro Del Mondo - May 18, 2008

Hey there everyone. I hope everything is going well. It's hot as hell in LA right now. It's so hot that you can smell the city cooking.
I wanted to let you all know that the new video for Luciano Ligabue ahs just been released. It's for a song called "Il Centro Del Mondo". I'm in the thing.

It was shot during the European tour in Barcelona. Fun experience pretending to play the song. Just like acting in a mirror. some trivia is that the guitar that Luciano is playing in the video is non other than the cheap honer tele copy that I bought at the Silverlake guitar shop five years ago for a couple hundred bucks!


I'm proud to announce that I am being endorsed by Aguilar Amplification, a great amp company. I starting using their fine equipment last winter on a tour with Colin Hay through Australia and recently used their amps on the Ligabue tour through Europe. You can see a 750 amp in the video for the video "Il Centro Del Mondo". They are the nicest people and everything sounds so good. Check them out at

Luciano Ligabue - April 7, 2008

I've been having an amazing time lately playing with the Italian singer Luciano Ligabue. The experience has been such a wonderful immersion for me. It's been a real pleasure to play with this great artist. Along with the producer Corrado Rustici, we've been getting the music together for a few tours coming up this year. We just finished the rehearsal leg of everything in Berkeley and Coreggio and just played our first gig tonight in Amsterdam. The band sounds so great and everyone is so incredibly nice and great to work with. Again, so nice and welcoming; I couldn't ask for a nicer group of people. I'm really looking forward to the rest of the shows on this tour as well as the concerts we have in Italy this summer.

australia recap. recap - December 20, 2007

After our show I had a wonderfully early flight back to LA where I could pick up some gear, pack and eat Japanese food with Ang before flying to Australia with Colin Hay. I’ve heard stories of the long flights down under before and was a bit mentally prepared. What I wasn’t expecting was the less than adequate leg room that good old Quantas gave us. I mean I’m a big guy. Give us a break. Sixteen hours with metal digging into my knees? WTF?
Eventually I landed in Adelaide at around noon. Colin was there to pick me up. He’s the man. We went straight to a little café and bought a coffee (“flat white”…eventually I started ordering them “long black”). This tasted so good. It was sunny, I was buzzing from the caffeine and lack of sleep. We had a show that evening. I was in Australia! It really feels like a different land. The sun shines differently. Trees stand out. The roofs were metal. We passed a Christmas parade on the way to the hotel.
At the hotel I caught up with the rest of the band and met Dorian West, our keyboard player. He’s a friend of our guitarist, Simon Hosford. They both live in Melbourne. We had a show that afternoon as a part of a few shows we were doing in Australia for a festival called “A Day On The Green”. This was an outdoor concert series held at various vineyards around the country. The other bands on the bill were established Aussie acts like Vanessa Amorosi and the great Jimmy Barnes. I hadn’t heard of Jimmy but he’s a loved Australian icon. It wasn’t until I went there that I realized the huge amount of bands that have come from Australia. Jimmy was in a band in the eighties called Cold Chisel. After they broke up he continued a succesfull solo career and retains an image that isn’t unlike Mellencamp or even Springsteen in Australia. It was fun jumping into that.
After Adelaide, we traveled to the west coast and played in Perth at another winery. The great part of this gig was afterwards heading to the beach, having dinner and jumping into the Indian Ocean.
Next we flew to Melbourne where we had a couple days off. Colin had a good time showing us his old digs. We saw the Espy, the famous rock club where Men At Work used to play. We had food there which was on par with everything I’ve had out there. Great. He walked us down the street towards where we were staying in St. Kilda. We saw his old apartments that were across from Luna Park.
Staying in St Kilda, I went to the breakfast restaurant where I would be spending most of my time called the Galleon. If you make it to Melbourne, eat there. Charlie, Ace, Rich and I got to see Megadeth play in the city. It was a part of a heavy metal tour called “gigantour”. Very fun, sweaty and smelly. The next morning, we flew to Sydney. It turns out that those guys were on the same flight with us. I hung out with James, their excellent and kind bass player and shot the shit. It was also cool meeting Dave Mustane and asking him if he had seem the “shreds” videos on youtube. He had.
Sydney was awesome. It’s where Dorian is from. He took us down to the harbor where we had some great fish and chips. At our show, I caught up with my old friend Alexandra who lives in Australia with her husband and their beautiful new son Oliver. This was awesome!

3 Shows in November recap - December 20, 2007

November has been a busy month. Everything started off with a trip up the coast with Kneebody and Happy Apple. I had been looking forward to this trip because the shows sounded like they were all at really good venues and mainly because Happy Apple seemed like such a cool band. It’s been fairly difficult for us to line up our schedules and play gigs with other cool bands and so when it does (ie Claudia Quintet, Jerseyband, Daedelus, Busdriver, ) it is really a pleasure. For these shows I contacted Paul Rivera ( to do the artwork for a poster. He does cool artwork for the Youngs so I was excited that he could do something for us. Our first show was at the Temple Bar. For this one, Happy Apple opened up the night. After soundcheck just as those guys were getting to the club, I had to run off to teach a lesson so I didn’t get a chance to meet everyone properly. I got back to the bar after my lesson and Happy Apple had been playing for a bit. The sounds they were creating were so cool. They got really quiet and became very expressive which was a cool space to be in. It doesn’t happen enough in Los Angeles that you hear bands playing way below the headroom that all of the amps and speakers can provide. Anyway they created an atmosphere that was fun to follow. We played our set and as is usual with us, and the first show of a tour, everyone had mixed emotions. We all care so much about the band that our emotions get wrapped up extra tight around each performance. Always without fail, where someone had a great show, there is always someone else who felt rattled or who didn’t feel that good. After that night, we packed up and headed home. We had a drive the next morning to Santa Cruz to play at the Kuumbwa Center. The drive was nice. There is that section of the freeway when you leave the 5 and start heading west the landscape becomes hilly. The hills feel like you’re in the Shire and might see hobbits running around chasing your van. We got to the Kuumbwa Center around 6:30 or so and had to hurry and do a quick sound check and get ready to start playing soon. Fortunately, we’ve all done this a lot now and have gotten good at the quick scramble of emptying pedals from bags, connecting them, adjusting mikes, Ben checking his distortion on the mike ”check CHECK check CHECK”. After this was done we had a few minutes to collect ourselves while the house doors were opened. I went backstage where I found the Happy Apple guys in the middle of one of their tour routines. They were telling me that they like to come up with titles of movies as they would appear translated in French and then back to English. Ie “Poltergeist” was now “Ghost Fright” or “Short Circuit” became “Funny Robot”. They were cool guys. A mother of some friends of ours who live in New York was at our show. She had brought us a bottle of wine that she and her husband make. Dave and Eric from H.A. kept giving it to me over and over again insitsting that I take it and assuring me that it was there. Our set collectively felt a lot better. I can remember feeling really good about what Nate and I were playing and that we were doing new stuff that was leading to cool places. Right off the bat, Adam’s distortion stopped working. With just the chorus sound and the moogerfooger, that made the band sound in Nates words “more fusiony”. After we were done, we were able to sit and have dinner, the wine and watch those guys play. Their show sounded so good. They started with a patient sweet sounding drone with a rock n roll bass riff that showcased Mike’s beautiful lyrical playing. This song left room for anything to happen in their set. Dave, a former Minnesota wrestling state champ said really funny things announcing their songs during the set, starting a song after saying something like “I am chubby…”. The next day we had breakfast in Santa Cruz and a visit to the local record store. I got “What’s Going On” and Adam got a Carla Bley cd and the new Meshell cd. Shane got some old Cuban piano music. This was definitely the find of the day. We drove to San Fran on a grey day. We got to our hotel checked in and headed towards the Great American for sound check. This is on O Farrel street right next to a famous porn business on the corner. Happy Apple was sound checking and I ran inside dancing like a maniac while they played. The sound man is the nicest guy ever. He worked with us when we played at Stanford a few months ago. Eventually our show felt great I thought. Classic example of the way that three shows in a row should go with the last one being the best feeling. It was really nice playing in that beautiful big space and feeling like our music was really filling up the room. Dave let me know right before we played that Joe Lovano was going to be in the audience while we played. So I felt nice and terrified before going on. Also Happy Apple sent us off right before the show with a rousing a capella version of The Doors’ “Touch Me”.

Indoor Laser Skirmish - November 20, 2007

That's Australian for Laser Tag mate.

For the past couple of weeks I've been in Australia with the Colin Hay Band. I've seen a lot of the states and the major cities so far. The food has been incredible and I've loved swimming in the ocean. I also got to see Megadeth in Melbourne! Our shows have been great. I think these are the first shows Colin has done out here with a band in a while so it's fun to be a part of that.
Next week we'll be heading back home for a couple days and then out to Brazil for another couple of weeks with Colin.
We'll get back in December and I'll be doing some shows with Kneebody in Denver and Boulder and then some recording with the guys in LA.
Before all of this, Kneebody went on a great three show mini tour with the Minneapolis based band Happy Apple. They sound so good and have played together for over ten years.

I hope everyone is well.

Miles - October 15, 2007

I think that I found a new favorite blog to read. It's by "Miles" the Denver Broncos mascot that runs around Invevsco field getting everyone psyched.

September 27, 2007

Im in Orlando. With Colin Hay. We've been traveling through the south. The first gig was in Montgomery, Alabama. I was able to see some historic places that have made a huge impact on my mind the past few days.

When I say Mu, you say Nich - August 15, 2007

In July we were in Munich. This was a trip that was over a year in the making. The trip was organized through Kent Nagano and the Munich Opera as a series of four concerts held at the Pinakotek Der Moderne (modern art museum). A while ago we had started planning two of the concerts, a collaboration with Theo Bleckmann playing the music of Charles Ives as well as a concert with the percussion quartet So Percussion.
The first night in Munich was one of those perfect nights to drop into a city. We walked from our hotel to the opera house and were able to see a bit of a free outdoor concert called “Opera For All” with Placido Domingo singing Wagner. It was actually a simulcast from inside the opera house that was broadcast live in the courtyard of the building on a giant screen. I have some photos of close-ups of the opera singers’ disembodied heads with their serious and sometimes frightening faces looking as if they were about to eat the crowd. It was impressive and calm too because of everyone gathered outside listening. I was in search of the beer that I had been hearing so much of before I went and eventually I found it. After that night though, everything moved very fast. Almost everyday we were in rehearsal.
The first set of stuff to work on was the Ives music with Theo. Theo is so much fun to be around. This is the first time we’ve been able to work together. He is now definitely a member of the band! We created instant comedy routines and jokes that referenced all of the new experiences that we were having. For the concert each of us picked a few of the Ives pieces to arrange. The result turned out really well I think and will hopefully result in a recording over the next year.
The next concert we prepared for was the collaboration with So Percussion. For that concert, we played a combination of pieces including a piece by Steve Reich, “Worker’s Union” by, and a transcription and arrangement I did of a Persian classical piece by Hamid Motebassem. We also played original music by Ben, Adam and Jason from So. It was fun working with this group of guys that work so well together and play often times like one instrument. It was fun orchestrating this out. There are moments in the Workers Union piece as well as Adam’s song where the ensembles trade sections and that single instrument effect is really heard. After the So concert I was the first to leave the concert hall and load my stuff into the van. I sat outside waiting for the rest of the guys for what seemed like a ridiculously long time. After all, the security guard at the Pinakotek was giving us the nudge out the door. So I went back inside to find out what was taking everyone so long. I found them all (Kneebody, So, security guard) trapped in the glass elevator at the museum. They’re all still in there to this day. I left them stranded in the elevator and just opened a bakery in Munich where I sit writing this blog! Mmm…espresso! No, they were rescued after what seemed like close to an hour of my laughing hysterically as they grumbled and shifted around in the glass chamber.
We also played an acoustic jazz concert featuring the music of our very own Ben Wendel. Ben just finished recording an album that sounds really good. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.
Oh and in the middle of that we flew to Rotterdam (city of architecture!) and played a set at the North Sea Jazz Festival. It was a rainy morning when we arrived and we were all very tired. Adam, Adie and I were able to eat some food at a Surinamese deli. Eventually we made it to the festival. Everyone had been telling us different things about what the festival would be like. The first impression is that it really was a jazz mall like someone had explained. A really big place…thousands of people…altered chords and trombones!! Once we got in and started to meet everyone working with the festival we were all really blown away by how organized and helpful everyone was. The stage manager at our venue was especially nice and wonderful to work with. Our concert was held in a Spiegel tent (picture stained glass, wood floors, beer steins and men and women dancing around in a circle with arms interlocked carousel style). Right before we were about to play we all had the realization that despite the busy week we had all been having together, this was actually the first set of Kneebody music that we were playing. Inside the tent with everyone there and the lights (!) it got very hot very quick. Our set was so much fun and it was definitely the sweatiest that we had all been playing our music. My strings went completely dead. There is video of the show where one will notice that Ben’s grey shirt very quickly becomes black with sweat. Black Sweat.
One of the highlights of this short trip was getting to see the other artists playing at North Sea. I think that if you were to ask everyone in the band who their favorite artist they saw was, they would probably all say that it was Joe Lovano with the SF Jazz Collective. From the first note he played you couldn’t wait to hear what would come next.
The next morning we flew back to Munich to play one final show of Kneebody music. The whole experience was great for all of us. Thanks to Maestro Nagano, Frau Dengler, Eleanor(!), The Munich Opera, Theo, So, everyone at North Sea, and everyone who came out to the concerts!

Here's a clip from our set at the North Sea Festival:

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