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Kaveh Rastegar: News

Kaveh Rastegar and Friends. - September 18, 2014

I'm playing at the Blue Whale with a great band featuring Bill Campbell on drums, Jeff Babko on keyboards, Timothy Young on guitar and myself on bass, guitar and vocals. We'll play songs of mine as well as some Thruster songs...



Jazz a la Villette - September 15, 2014

We were just able to play in Paris at the festival Jazz a La Villette. We got to share the night with Joshua Redman featuring the Bad Plus. It was an absolutely fantastic night. The band felt great and what's more, you can watch the entire concert here.

Here we are with The Bad Plus who are the real fucking deal. 


Tonecraft Audio - August 27, 2014

I've been using and loving the Tonecraft Audio 363 Tube DI box for recording and live playing. 


Kimbra "The Golden Echo" - August 19, 2014

About four or five years ago I had the great fortune to be able to meet and work with a fantastic artist named Kimbra Johnson. She was writing with my friend Keefus Ciancia for her last album "Vows" and I got to play on the song "Come Into My Head" on that record. We also wrote a song together that became "Love In High Places" that is featured on her new album "The Golden Echo" that is out today!

Love Love. 


Beck Songreader - August 14, 2014

I'm very proud to have played bass on a song from this new Beck record. A few years ago he wrote and released a series of songs that were only released as sheet music to be interpreted by whomever wanted to play or sing them. This year a collection of artists and producers got together and interpreted these songs for this record "Beck Songreader". I got to play bass on the song "America Here's My Boy" sung by Swamp Dogg. Larry Goldings played piano and Levon Henry played and arranged woodwinds. Joe Henry produced. I think it sounded wonderful and was so happy to be a part of it all. 


John Legend Tour - August 13, 2014

This summer I've been playing bass with John Legend for his "All Of Me" tour. It's been an incredible experience playing with this fantastic important artist. He sings and plays his ass off every night. It has been so inspiring. The band is really great. Ryan Lerman is playing guitar and musical director. The dude is a badass. Rashid Williams is slaying on the drums. And there is a string quartet. Marisa Kuney on violin, Ellen Jung on violin, Rodney Wirtz on viola and Adrienne Woods plays the cello. I'm a lucky man. It's all going by so quick. I'll be sad to leave in September! 


Here's a picture of John and the crowd I took while we were playing Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 


Kaveh Rastegar and friends. - June 16, 2014

Blue Whale June 26th. Kaveh Rastegar, Timothy Young, Jeff Babko, Louis Cole!



co-write with Kimbra - June 15, 2014

A song that I co-wrote with Kimbra and my friend Keefus Green has just been released. It's called "Love In High Places". It will appear on her upcoming album "The Golden Echo".


LA Weekly - June 10, 2014

Thanks to Gary Fukushima and the LA Weekly for printing this nice write up for my show coming up later this month at the Blue Whale. 



With John Legend on tour - June 5, 2014


I'm excited to announce that I'll be playing bass with John Legend on his upcoming summer tour. I've really enjoyed his music for some time and I'm really looking forward to playing. Check here for tour dates.

Sia - May 10, 2014

I'm honored to be bassist and musical director for Sia. I've been a huge fan of her music for a while and it's been such a thrill to get to work with her. Here's the video for her single "Chandelier".




Meshell Ndegeocello "Conviction" - April 25, 2014

I co-wrote and played bass on the new single "Conviction" by Meshell Ndegeocello. I can't say how much of an honor it is to have been a part of this collaboration. I have loved her music and her bass playing for so long. "Conviction" appears on Meshell's truly fantastic new album "Comet Come To Me" which will be out in June 2014.


Bassiste Magazine Article - March 1, 2014

I'm honored to be featured in an article in French bass magazine Bassiste Magazine.  I got to talk about the way I got into playing bass, the origins of Kneebody and other cool stuff.  It's always a trip getting to do things like this.  Such a pleasure.  





Co-Wrote/Co-Produced for Latyrx - November 5, 2013

I co-wrote and co-produced the song "Electric Chair" for the legendary Bay Area hip hop duo Latyrx.  I wrote the music along with my buddy and writing partner Jeremy Ruzumna from Fitz and the Tantrums.  The song is featured on their new album called "The Second Album".  The song also features vocals from Corey Glover of the band Living Colour.    

You can purchase the album here on iTunes.

Here is a review in Rolling Stone.






De La Soul - November 3, 2013

It's been a dream of my life to be able to work with De La Soul on their new upcoming album.  They were in town while Kneebody was playing at the Blue Whale.  Pos, Dave and Supa Dave West made it to one of the shows and stayed for the whole night.  I can't wait for everyone to hear this record.



Kimbra Twitter Love! - November 2, 2013

Thanks Kimbra!!  I played on Kimbra's last album "Vows" and co-wrote a song for her upcoming album.  She came to one of our Kneebody shows at the Blue Whale and gave us a shout out on the Twitter machine!  




Kneebody Paris Metro - October 24, 2013



We all die a little everyday.  Little by little time wears away at us, bends us makes us smoother and less “there” like a rough rock in a river.  On these trips we carry bags that weigh more than fifty pounds.  We carry our instruments over our shoulders.  We run to the train. We lift heavy cymbal bags and bags full of cds, tshirts and distortion pedals overhead.  The Paris Metro can be especially cruel.  I carry with me a heavy red suitcase on wheels, a Crumpler bag I got six years ago in Australia that allows me to carry way too much, and finally my electric bass.  The station is truly a rushing river of people hurrying to get where they are going.  If you pause, the tide of people swells around you and you can be swept away.  The turn styles are notoriously unforgiving.  In the generally socially liberal society, years of punk kids and clever freeloaders have turned this aspect of Parisian life into a totalitarian juggernaut.  You have a small ticket that gets the mechanical arms open.  But like a cruel joke, just as you’ve wheeled your suitcase through first, the heavy doors snap on your body trapping you in the middle.  It happens every fucking time.  Your band mates try to pry the door open, the tide of people swelling behind you.  Finally a generous and understanding young soul swipes his ticket behind you allowing the rubber edged pincers to release their grasp and the stranger yells “ALLEZ ALLEZ!!!” getting you and mercifully him through.  But then, it’s not over.  There is a mile left to walk pulling your bags along the way.  And then there are the stairs.  We are all salmon swimming upstairs.  I pause only to notice that the tiles lining the walls here look like the trendy bathrooms in all of the upscale Santa Monica homes.  Finally the air is less heavy, less humid and the cool breeze of the street hits my face.  My legs are sweaty under my jeans, my muscles are flexed underneath everything I’m carrying and my heart is beating fast.  We reach the sidewalk above; outside and free.  The Chatelet Metro station exit is a drain pipe pouring people into the street.  We can now stop, put our bags down for a second, look around and stretch. 


Later that night, the Sunset Jazz club is packed and we’re soaked in sweat on stage.  Adam is playing amazing.  Shane and I are laughing.  Ben and Nate are shredding.  And I feel like we’re dying a little less.

Ligabue "Sale Della Terra" - October 15, 2013

Non c'e' un paragon.  E' sempre un sogno di suonare a L'arena di Verona.  Ecco il video per il nuovo singolo!

For me with Ligabue it doesn't get any better than this.  Here we are at the Arena of Verona playing the first single from the new album "Mondovisione".  


Kneebody is an American Band (fall US tour recap) - October 4, 2013



I’m in a tube made of metal, plastic and blue rug fiber that is hurtling through the air at a scary speed.  I left from Los Angeles 10 minutes ago and on this KLM Dutch flight. They have already turned off the seat belt sign so I could stand up and get my computer to write this.  The Dutch are punks like that. 


I’m flying to Europe to play more shows with the boys in the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Prague. It’s been three weeks since the new Kneebody record “The Line” came out and we’ve been glad to tour and support it.  It’s been about a week off since our east coast, Midwest and LA concerts.   I was back in LA for the week, seeing my family and working in the studio on a couple of different things.  The other four went in their own directions.  I can say that as always, it is like home touring, playing and travelling with these guys.  They are my brothers and we’ve all been through a lot together. 


This tour so far has been beautiful.  It was so great to start in New York.  We got to play at WNYC for John Shaefer’s radio show.  Thanks for having us John!!  John is such a smart and righteously busy person.  Why do I say righteously busy?  Well he just seems like he has a ton on his plate and is one of the few people that seems to thrive and be able to do everything well and thoroughly.  He astutely pointed out that Shane’s song “Cha-Cha” isn’t a Cha-Cha per se.  Shane wasn’t phased by that.  He played the shit out of his song.   That night we played at Subculture in NYC which is a beautiful new theatre in the old Bleeker Theatre building.  Great show!  We played Brookyln at Shapeshifter.  Such a great crowd there.  For me it was great to meet the great bass player and owner of Shapeshifter Matt Garrison.   We drove to Washington DC.  There we played in an old church that had been completely and beautifully covered in bright colored paint.  Murals everywhere.  Inside the sanctuary were beautiful detailed animal murals that made the space beautiful to be in.  It’s so great to get to DC again in a year.  All I can think of when I’m in DC is Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord, Meshell Ndegeocello, Bad Brains, Henry Rollins, espionage and Richard Nixon. Then….Wait for it….We finally got to BOSTON!!!!  Like Spinal Tap, for some reason it isn’t until NOW years after the band has started that we have finally played Boston.  Don’t worry – it’s not much of a college town or anything…. There was a great crowd there for us at the café 939.  They were so great that I had to give them the cookies that were backstage for us in the green room.  Next time Boston, we’ll also bring MILK!  That night, Ben, Shane and I spent the night at the parents’ home of our friend and fabulous musician/promoter Adam Schatz . Shane woke up the neighborhood at 1am with his car alarm that wouldn’t shut off.  That said, I can’t say how grateful we are for kind and generous people like Adam’s folks.  We really wouldn’t be a band if it weren’t for people like this who have helped us along the way all of these years.  They had BBQ waiting for us when we got there.  Adam’s dad chatted with us while we ate, asking us questions about our music and our lives.  I slept in Adam’s brother’s old room adorned with awesome baseball memorabilia.  I took a couple pictures to show OUR Adam (composer of “The Baseball Card Song”) the next day. The next morning we played at NEC and it was really nice to talk to some of the students who came to our clinic there.  One of them, a singer asked me if we wrote our songs inspired by specific things.  I told her that I do usually. We flew to Minneapolis where we played in St. Paul at the Artists’ Quarter.  This place is an institution to musicians in the area.  It was Nate’s birthday!!  And be damned if he didn’t have a stomach virus.  But anyhow, the show was awesome.   Great crowd.  But we’re saddened to learn that they are closing down after a long run.  We actually have a bit of a curse with being one of the last bands to play great venues (see TONIC NYC and TEMPLE BAR LA)…  We played Mcnally College the next day in St. Paul.   The sound guy was playing Matt Chamberlain’s record (“Company 23”) that I played on during set up.  Go Matt!  It was a beautiful class lead by a beautiful and inspired professor. Straight from Mcnally we headed to the airport where we flew to Denver, Colorado.  My mom was there.  I stayed with her for the night.  It was great to see her.  Right after I got to her place I had some Persian food she made and we played cards till midnight.  Yeah Mom!  The next day we taught a masterclass at DU.  Then, along with the great Denver bass player Kent Mcclagan, we ate a shit load of tacos at El Taco De Mexico on Santa Fe.  That place rocks our taco socks.  I went to Wax Trax – the record store that was my church growing up in Denver.  I was looking for the Ron Miles record that I heard he did with Brian Blade.  It wasn’t there so I bought a Black Flag T-shirt.  Everything Went Black.  I wore it to our gig that night at Dazzle.  Dazzle is a home to Kneebody.  We’ve played there a ton.  It was great to be back.  We saw lot’s of friends, family and new fans.  Art and Aubrey Lande were there.  Art came up with the name to Shane’s song “Sleeveless”.  He gave Kneebody the biggest compliment ever by saying: “You know I like sports more than music right?  Well, to me I like Kneebody AS MUCH AS SPORTS!!!”.  Thanks Art.  I like Art as much as anything ever.  When I was nineteen Art taught me about drawing with intention BTW… After our short run to Denver, we flew to LOS ANGELES.  We played that day at the Ford Amphitheatre for the Angel City Jazz Festival.  The festival is great.  It’s run by Rocco Somazzi and Jeff Gauthier among other fantastic and dedicated people.   On the bill were Richard Seres with Tootie Heath who pleayed so so so great.  Then we played.   It was great to play in LA after a week of consistent playing.  I made a joke about how we rehearse in Laramie, Wyoming because I live in LA, Adam is in New Orleans and the rest of the guys are in New York but I don’t think the crowd understood that it was a joke.  Also, the moniter engineer seemed like he was having a bad day.  But aside from that it was super fun to play.  Yosvany Terry played after us.  Holy crao they sounded good. And then there was Greg Osby with Anat Cohen.  I’ve always been a fan of Greg’s music so it was grea to finally hear him live.  It was my first time hearing Anat.  Anat is AMAZING.  Sorry I’ll say it again.  Anat Cohen is AMAZING.  She sat in with Greg’s group who were playing such great music.  Everything she played was basically what I want to be when I grow up…  Anyhow…  that was fun…  Then afterwards, Shane, Nate, bassist Matt Brewer and I went to three taco trucks to sample the difference between the qualities of Al Pastor tacos.  I have to say that I wasn’t surprised that The La Estrella Taco Truck on York in Highland Park won the battle… 


Annnnnnd that was a week ago.  So that brings us to now.  We’re going to Europe.  I can’t say how much of a pleasure and honor and blessing and piacere and wonderful thing it is to get to play OUR music for such great people – so I’ll say it  again “what a pleasure!!!!” and now I’ll move on…  I’m excited to play in Europe with Shane, Ben, Nate and Adam. There.  Go Kneebody.   


Time to wrap this up.  The stewardess is coming around with the hot towels.  

Kneebody "Lowell" from "The Line" - October 3, 2013

Here's a song from Kneebody's new album "The Line".  It's called "Lowell" and is by Adam Benjamin.  

Order the album on Amazon here.

Order the album on ITunes here.  



Ligabue in Verona - August 31, 2013

I just landed in Italia from Los Angeles today to start rehearsing for another run of concerts with Ligabue in the Arena of Verona.  We'll be playing 6 sold out shows later in September along with the Arena's Orchestra.  The other times we have done this have been so beautiful and wonderful to be a part of.  I can't wait to see everyone and do it again!!!



Fall Kneebody Tour Dates Announced - August 24, 2013

We're going to be touring supporting our new CD "The Line" this fall.  Really looking forward to playing with the boys for this trip.  KneebodyTLTWEB.jpg

Royal Albert Hall - April 6, 2013

Just played two nights at Royal Albert Hall in London with Ligabue.  Super super fun!

Kimbra - February 24, 2013

Kimbra is fantastic.  I got to play bass on this song produced by my buddy Keefus. 


Kennedy Center - January 11, 2013

We just played the Kennedy Center tonight.  Tomorrow we're driving to NY to play at Winter Jazz Fest.  Good good!!

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