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Kaveh Rastegar: News

Mike Viola, Larry Goldings, Kaveh Rastegar, Abe Rounds - September 8, 2016




Kaveh Rastegar - September 7, 2016

Kaveh Rastegar: bass, guitar, vocals

Chris Bruce: guitar, bass

Abe Rounds: drums

Sept. 10th @ 701 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA


De La debuts at #1 - September 5, 2016


In it's opening week "And The Anonymous Nobody" by De La Soul lands the #1 spot on the Billboard Rap Chart. It's also the #1 selling vinyl record for the week. 

De La Soul "And The Anonymous Nobody" - August 26, 2016

It's been years of love and it's labors. Finally De La Soul's latest album "And The Anonymous Nobody" is out and available. I co-wrote, played bass on 10 of the songs and co produced a couple of them. To be able to have been involved at all was an honor of my life. The album was a collaboration in the fullest sense. I hope everyone enjoys this work as much as I do.


Kaveh Rastegar at the Blue Whale - February 1, 2016


Kaveh Rastegar 
February 3rd 
at the blue whale. 
Kaveh Rastegar - bass, guitar, vocals 
Jeff Babko - synth bass, piano
Larry Goldings - organ, melodica
Barbara Gruska - drums, vocals
Amy Kuney - vocals
#kavehrastegar #butwheredoyoutakeme

Kaveh Rastegar 

February 3rd at the blue whale

Kaveh Rastegar - bass, guitar, vocals 

Jeff Babko - synth bass, piano

Larry Goldings - organ, melodica

Barbara Gruska - drums, vocals

Amy Kuney - vocals#kavehrastegar #butwheredoyoutakeme



Benji Hughes - January 20, 2016


I co wrote the song "Girls Love Shoes" from Benji's new album "Songs In the Key of Animals"

John Legend Under The Stars - December 15, 2015

I played bass on this single by John Legend that was released with Stella Artois. I love the song and it was fun to record the bass in my studio here in Highland Park. 


Kneedelus - November 27, 2015


Our Kneebody + Daedelus collaboration is out on Brainfeeder!!!

Ceelo Green - November 15, 2015


I co wrote two songs on Ceelo Green's latest album "Heart Blanche". The songs are "EST 1980s" and "Race Against Time". Ceelo is one of the most important voices of his generation. Such a pleasure to work with. I'm psyched about how these songs turned out. 

Kaveh Rastegar and Friends - July 20, 2015

Excited to be leading a dream band at my favorite LA venue.



This Was Amazing - July 12, 2015

Spending the day at North Sea Jazz Fest with my bass brother Christopher Thomas. I love this man and his music. We had this wonderful opportunity to share this moment with one of our absolute heroes, Mr. Ron Carter. 


Downbeat - July 4, 2015

Honored to be recognized among a list of fantastic bass players in the 65th annual Downbeat Magazine Critics Poll in the category of Rising Star for Electric Bass.



John Legend Summer Tour - June 17, 2015

I'm on the road throughout the UK, Europe and Beirut playing with mr. John Legend. 



Bass Player Magazine - May 15, 2015

I'm extremely honored to be featured in an article in Bass Player Magazine. Here's a link to the article.11179967_943810842328371_5596766359126159225_n_resized.jpg

Sia on SNL - January 18, 2015

I played bass with Sia on Saturday Night Live. Oh and Maddie Ziegler and Denna Thomson and the killer band. What the hell???


Winter Fest Kneebody Daedelus - January 13, 2015

Winter Jazz Fest is a great rowdy party that we got to see the beginning of and have had fun being a part of over the years. Kneebody played at LE Poisson Rouge with Daedelus. We recorded an album together that will be out this year. I love this collaboration and getting to revisit this music. We will be doing it moreeeeee. In the meantime here are two candid photos of us trying to get a press photo for the project....





John Legend - January 9, 2015

Back with John Legend . I spent two weeks rehearsing with a great band in Philly working on John's music. We played some shows in Texas leading up to and during New Years and then some more in Canada. This is a great group and John sounds fantastic as always. We're going to have some fun this year.



Here I am along with my bass rig I used with John after a concert in Niagara Falls. Thank you Aguilar for the love!


Here we are in NYC. That's John with the Rhythm section of me, Eugene Man Man Roberts (keys and MD) and Rashid Williams (drums)


Kaveh Rastegar and Friends. - November 5, 2014

Kaveh Rastegar and friends. Blue Whale. Gene Coye on drums, Jeff Babko on keyboards and me on bass, guitar and vocals. 




SIA HOLLYWOOD BOWL - October 25, 2014

It was really wonderful to prepare and perform with SIA at the Hollywood Bowl for the CBS Radio We Can Survive Concert. Here is a clip of us performing "Chandelier" from the crowd. 


Minnie Driver on Kelly and Michael - October 15, 2014

New York Trip. Minnie Driver and band are in New York playing Joe's Pub as well as TV and radio promotion for Minnie's album "Ask Me To Dance". Here's a shot from just having played the Kelly and Michael show. 



WITH MESHELL ON KCRW - October 15, 2014

I got to play with Meshell Ndegeocello and her band playing the song "Conviction" that I co-wrote. This was taped at KCRW's studio in Santa Monica. The band on this clip was Chris Bruce on guitar, Abe Rounds drums, Jebin Bruni keyboards and Meshell on vocals. Bob Clearmountain mixed.

Minnie Driver "Ask Me To Dance" - October 7, 2014

Minnie Driver's new album is out. It's called "Ask Me To Dance". She is lovely as are the songs and the band. It was a blast to record. I played on a lot of songs and Joe Karnes played bass on some others. 



Kneebody East Coast, Kimbra, Snarky Puppy, Murder Inn - September 30, 2014

Kneebody just finished a great run of shows on the east coast. We started in Philly at the World Cafe. Great first show there – we’ve been wanting to come to the World cafe for a long time. And Philly too. We all need to be there more. So we will be anyhow… Friday we made it to Le Poisson Rouge in NYC. This was a great night. Tiny Hazard opened. They sound fantastic. Then we performed a collaboration set with Kimbra. She is the real deal. Please check out her latest album “The Golden Echo”.




We headed to Boston after that with shows at the Bean Town Jazz Festival and then a set opening for Snarky Puppy at Berklee Performance Center. Snarky destroyed. Michael League is a fantastic bassist and good dude. I've been thinking about his bass playing ever since that night. It was great to see those guys and hear a band who plays so much like them play together. It’s our third time back to Boston in a year and it is feeling more and more like we have a home there and are building something special. We closed the tour out with a show at the Iron Horse in Northamton. Beautiful classic venue and we hope to come back soon! That night we stayed at a hotel in Hartford that should be called the Murder Inn. Creepy place but we pulled through. 

Now we're getting new music together and getting ready for a European Tour in November!



Kaveh Rastegar and Friends. - September 18, 2014

I'm playing at the Blue Whale with a great band featuring Bill Campbell on drums, Jeff Babko on keyboards, Timothy Young on guitar and myself on bass, guitar and vocals. We'll play songs of mine as well as some Thruster songs...



Jazz a la Villette - September 15, 2014

We were just able to play in Paris at the festival Jazz a La Villette. We got to share the night with Joshua Redman featuring the Bad Plus. It was an absolutely fantastic night. The band felt great and what's more, you can watch the entire concert here.

Here we are with The Bad Plus who are the real fucking deal. 


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