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Kaveh Rastegar: Links


Aguilar Amplification
I am proud to use and endorse these fine amplifiers and speakers!
Tonecraft Audio

Record Labels

Winter and Winter
Groundlift is the brain child of my friend and great engineer Husky Huskoulds. Many many great albums are up for sale digitally on this site including some by Kneebody, Dispenza, Wendel and Chewy Puma.
Greenleaf Music
This is the record company that is putting out Kneebody's upcoming album in March.


The site of the singer songwriter from Italy I am playing with.
Richard Stekol
Gaute Solaas
Gaute is a great musician/saxophonist who lives in Norway.
Chuck Rainey
A wonderful site of the great bass player.
Cecilia Noel
The website of the queen of sal-soul and the leader of the wild clams...
Chad Fischer
The online home ( of multi instrumentalist/producer/composer/drummer Chad Fischer.
Charlie Paxson
he's charlie.
Susan Wulff
Susan is a really great LA San Diego area bassist!
Dan Ubick
Dan is a great producer/guitar player. He is also really fun to be around.
Mike Gamble
Fantastic guitar player in New York with a really dirty car!
Melissa Ferrick
Aaron Mcevers
great saxophinist/bandeader based in Chicago.
Ted Poor
Jesca Hoop
Theo Bleckmann
One of the coolest people around.
Luciano Ligabue
Grande Luciano!!!!!
Wayne Krantz
Colin Hay
I play bass with Colin. He's the man! He also makes an amazing cup of tea!
Hamilton Price
site of a great sounding bass player who just moved to the la area!
Keaton Simons
Eric Biondo
Eric is a very good friend/former roomate o' mine. Lives in New York. He writes music and has completed a number of cds. He also plays with the band Antibalas and the Monkees. Along with Chris Vatalaro and I, he is in the band Small Medium and Large.
The Ditty Bops
Ben Wittman
Ben is a great musician/producer who I worked with along with Anna Dagmar.
Mark Schatz
Mark is a great bass player who's company I had the pleasure of sharing while touring with The Ditty Bops and Nickel Creek. He plays in Nickel Creek and sounds so good on the latest record, "Why Should The Fire Die?".
Garrett Smith
damn good trombone player!
Brett Simons
fabulous bass player in LA.
Double G
This is the website of a great person who I am lucky to know!
Hugh Ragin
Trumpet player based in Colorado that people should know about.
Greg Rutledge
Piano player and very good person too.
Jesse Krakow!
James Vandemark
My bass teacher!
Ken Harper
Great bass player and teacher who I studied with.
Jefferey Campbell
Jeff is a great bass player and teacher who I studied with.
Adrian Harpham!
Nickel Creek
Great band with a very nice group of people.
Ches Smith
Ches is a drummer and buddy who rumour has it, may be moving to LA in a bit for a bit. He also plays with a boatload of artists and has a duo with Devin Hoff called Good For Cows.
Carla Bozulich
Carla is an ever active artist. I've been lucky enough to perform and record with her in the past.
Wayne Horvitz
Wayne is a great composer/keyboardist/bandleader who I was able to play with along with Tim Young and Bobby Previte.
Michael Cain
Lemon Sun!
The band with a plan!
Celeste Prince
Celeste is a wonderful person.
Christine Hagan
Talented enigmatic songwriter and friend from college.
John Gold
A talented songwriter. His latest album just came out and sounds awesome.
Bobby Previte
Bobby is a great drummer/composer who I was able to play with in a band with Wayne Horvitz and Tim Young.
Jerseyband is a very good band. They took some time off in 04 and I'm really glad to see that they're back at it.
Thinking Plague!
Critters Buggin
super band y'all!
Bob Drake
This guy is a hero of mine from growing up in Denver. I had the good fortune of being exposed to him and his musical mind from my childhood. He lives in France now and is about as prolific as anyone can be.
click boom
website of band I play in lead by Trombonist/ composer Dan Ostermann.
Good For Cows
a duo with Ches Smith and Devin Hoff
Ike Sturm
Ike is a great friend and former school buddy. He is a very great bass player and composer. He lives in New York.
matt silberman
new york saxophone extraordinaire!
PJ Kelly
Fine bassist and friend from Rochester. Now residing in Los Angeles.
The Evangenitals
This is a great band. Only seen em once, but once is enough for me to make up my mind. Plan to see em again.
Dave Douglas
Dave is the composer/trumpet player/record label person that has helped Kneebody become more of a reality.
Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
This band sounds really good. (featuring Kneebody's keyboardist Adam Benjamin, Billy Mohler, Sean Woolstenhume, and Jimmy Chamberlin!)
Haul and Mason
Two DJs sans microphone. From Dakah and beyond!
Susanne Lewis
Susanne used to sing with the group Thinking Plague. After moving from Denver to New York she continued her associations with musicians such as Bob Drake and put out great albums (like HAil) as well as her collaborations with Azalia Snail. She also has put out her own great albums.
Break Mechanics
Great band out of Denver featuring drummer DAREN HAHN!
John Wicks
Drummer and friend.
Anna Dagmar
Singer/Songwriter/Party Animal
carla bley
Nels Cline
Matt Mayhall
Renee Paule Gauthier
Great violinist from Quebec. Je me souviens!
So Percussion
These guys are So good. Percussion Quartet.
The Youngs
Everyone should own this album. It's one of my favorites of 2004!
musician, electronic artist extraordinaire
Ralph Alessi
Ralph Alessi? Ralph Alessi!
Ravi Coltrane
Harish Raghavan
Bass player extraordinaire!
Matt Mitchell
piano and philladelphia!
Ben Wendel
Ben is the saxophonist in Kneebody and almost every other band I play in.
Chris Vatalaro
One great musician.
Matt Blanchard!!
Alex Hamlin!!!!
Cenk Ergun
I love Cenk. What a musician. My Main Man!
The Electones
Organ Trio Extraordinaire!!!!!!
David Crowell!
Deantoni and Sylvia y'all.
Matt Demerritt
Matt is an old friend from Denver. He is a great saxophone player. On this site you can also see many of his wonderful photos.
Nate Wood
This is Nate's newish site.
Matt Chamberlain
Great drummer and one third of Thruster!
Arik Marshall
guitarist Arik the Freak Marshall
Todd Sickafoose
Good friend who is a great bass player and musician.

Bands o' Mine

Featuring Timothy Young, Matt Chamberlain and myself.


Iranian Blogs
I love reading these web logs and hearing perspectives from another part of the world.
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